Wandering Ska

Wandering Ska having a great summer. After a triumphant hope Festival headline, we've just got back from Wandering Glastonbury 2011.

Thanks to all of you that partied with us and big thanks to Steve from the band-Stand for inviting us to play.

Glastonbury was fantastic. Four days in the mud, every kind of mud, clogging boots, wheels and gear were not enough to dampen spirits and a glorious sunny Sunday dried it all out.

We played plenty of sets in the market area, our regular backstage Acoustic, and a memorable three hour set up in the Rabbit Hole 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party! From the sublime to the surreal!

Lots of photos on our facebook page Click Here

More coming soon.. We were filmed hundreds of times at Glastonbury, please do go ahead and youtube these, or feel free to send them to us.



This YouTube player only plays our videos.
Click play, then click around on the small boxes for the other videos. There are 20 in total.

Thanks also to those who have discovered us on youtube and left such inspiring comments, we seem to be going down well in Mexico.

For details of this summers activities ‘Watch This Space

For those who don’t know, or haven’t yet had the chance to see us yet, Wandering Ska are a groovy mobile Ska Band here to party! Catch us at this years festivals and cosmic happenings.

With our 12v solar powered mobile sound system we are at your service wherever you need us! Any time, anyplace, anywhere!

Wandering Ska has been playing UK festivals for 6 years. From early clandestine appearances at Sunrise and Big Green to recent festival bookings our set has developed in style and character.

We play a combination of our own material mixed with classic ska and reggae. We sing vocal harmonies, have a three piece horn section, accordion, keys/melodica and a rhythm section comprising bass, two guitars, drums, Djembe and percussion.

We were booked to play The Lama Tree Festivals 2008 and 2010, both on stage and approximately 14 open air performances.

We have headlined the eco friendly Ragged Hedge Fair preceded by a great evening performing in the bar marquee on the Saturday powered entirely by our mini system. (click here to see the video)

This year 2011 we headlined Hope Festival and and performed out and about and on a couple of stages at Glastonbury festiaval. Our thrid Glastonbury in succession.

We aren’t a show band; the music comes first and foremost. We love what we play and are very proud of our style and individuality. We are a proper band that just plays in unusual places.

People like it so we do it, simple as that. It’s a party every time. If it’s a stage slot, or an open air set or playing a party through the night it’s just a good feeling, everyone having fun and enjoying the moment.

Our set is electric! 12v sunshine powered electric to be precise. Over the last couple of years we’ve been developing our mobile P.A system mostly built from boot fair purchases and recycled parts.

The classic trolley becomes a drum riser (or mini stage to get above the heads) was a big success last year.

no thanksThis year we are proud to announce we are going solar powered. No more searching for that elusive socket to charge the batteries. Nuclear power? Not if we can help it!

It’s not what you would call a ‘loud’ sound system. In fact you have to be pretty close to get the full effect. We like it like this as it creates an intimate party experience around the band, but isn’t intrusive on what else is going on. We pick sensitive places to play with agreement from all around before we set up.

However if you are in ‘the zone’ it sounds well good!

It’s as good as we can make it sound and the live performance is completed by Bristol’s Dub star Ollie Weeks on the desk with a full array of dub effects. No two performances are ever the same.

Our core members have played together as Ska Daddy and more recently have released an album as Hometown Supersound. It’s a great line up and leads to a responsive and adaptive set,

...but most importantly...

Wandering Ska is an excuse for a good party and has absolutely no other agenda! Book us this year and well all have a great time. See you there ;)


Bill: 07799 036161 bill@wanderingska.co.uk
Dave: 07837 813010 dave@wanderingska.co.uk

Check out this video on the making of 'the box', our 12v solar soundsystem, from concept to performance. Just in time for Glastonbury!

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